9 Mindful Exercises to Ease Your Anxiety

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

9 Mindful Exercises to Ease Your Anxiety

Positive mindful exercises are useful for tackling anxieties. Research discovers practice mindful exercises or meditation during a sudden panic attack can significantly reduce the symptoms. Many patients find it helpful to cope with sudden and difficult situations. So being mindful is highly beneficial to everyone. It sounds simple, but can be tricky in the beginning. Here are some exercises and tips to help you kick start your mindful journey.

  1. Take 5 to 10 slow and deep breaths, exhale for 5 counts, hold for 5 counts, inhale for 5 counts and repeat. See if you can catch your breaths or calm down.
  2. Scan your body and pay attention to the sensations. Do you feel restriction on your chest? Do you feel intense heart palpitations and insomnia? Do you have unstoppable race thoughts? What events or images come up in your mind that triggers the episode? Pay attention to yourself, it's important to identify your issues and symptoms.
  3. Moving towards your feelings rather than avoiding them. If you suffer from anxiety because of certain events, you are trying to protect yourself from all the unpleasant memories. But try to think into it, analyze and conclude about the past instead of label it with judgement. You can take it away as a life lesson and be above it.
  4. Be present! Recollect about what you have in your current situation, your loved ones, your family, your career, and how you survived till now. Even though your present is shaped by your past, but remember this present moment. You are free!
  5. Focus on the future! Refusing to believe that anxiety and panic attacks are part of you and you just have to live with it. You have a present and you will have a better future. Focus on your plan for the future, for yourself and your loved ones. Plan project or work on something that you passionate about and follow through with your actions.
  6. Be aware of the negative automatic thoughts! At the beginning, it might be difficult emotionally or even physically to focus and go through the mindful practice. There might lingering feeling of the unpleasant events, flashing images in your memory, intense physical and mental sensations and other unhelpful negative thoughts. You can distract them by focusing on your slow and deep breaths. Remember this when you are experiencing negative automatic thoughts, theses emotions are not real! At this very moment, you are in safety and comfort.
  7. Accept your past! Allow your painful sensations and emotions to exist, accept that's part of your past. Take accountability of your words and action from now. Consider a disclosure with these events, and stop the struggle between your past and the present.
  8. Remember you have the power and control of your life! Refusing your presence with these difficult thoughts and emotions. You have the freedom to make decisions for your life because you accepted it. You are accountable and responsible for your present and future, and no one can take that away from you.
  9. Gently bring back your attention back to what you were doing before you started this exercise. As you move your consciousness back to reality, all your emotions and feelings are temporarily addressed and passed. Sometime it's better to give some attention to your inner self, instead of getting lost in a train of negative thoughts, let's face it directly and address it without any judgement, but compassion, acceptance and openness.

Practice Mindfulness allows you to have a moment of clear focus about yourself. Feel free to practice whenever it's needed. It's like to have a session of "Me-time" to take care of your inner self and address all the negative feelings, emotions, and sensations. As you practice more, you will be back in control of your life and your emotions, which can positively reduce anxious episodes and panic attacks.