Be Responsible for Yourself

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Be Responsible for Yourself

Life can be easily out of our control. But when things go south, normally, we try to point out that one person or one thing is up for the blame. Frequently, when we in anger or frustration, people have the tendency of wanting to find a quick exit to unleash all the negativities from within. After this type of emotional accusation, we realize we fixed nothing.

In reality, we simply unleash the emotional frustration instead of find the root of the problem and come up with a logical, long-term solution. Therefore, we need to change direction of our mind, and look for the answer from within. I am not trying to blame ourselves, or blame the victims. Yes, there are definitely disasters in life that we cannot control, but other than that, a lot of bad things is preventable. What I am trying to explain is, we always have different choices in life.

Whatever energy we insert in our life will be the energy that we receive in return. If we choose to always blame other, then it's hard for us to make correction in the future and move on. For example, a husband has a terrible working year. Then he unleashed his frustration to his wife, and his wife unleashed the anger and fear to their children. At work, the husband complain about his family, and at home, he often have furious arguments with his wife about work. In time, he thinks his wife is a bad luck and his boss won't promote him because of personal vendettas.

Do you see how counterproductive is when you unleash your anger and blame on the innocent? Yes, we are emotional animal, and our action with outbursts will damage ourselves. That's how powerful our emotions are, and why it's necessary to control our impulses. At the end of the day, we all responsible for our own life. Take control and responsibility for the things and decisions in life, then what you get in return is freedom.

Understanding and taking responsibility for what happens in your life will make you more accountable for the choices you make. We all are a free individual. By taking responsibility, you get to take control or your life, the good and the bad. You can be above the influence and differentiate yourself from the crowd. When face mistakes, hold yourself accountable and learn from this experience to prevent the next. In time, you gain perspective and life lessons, because of being responsible for your action. Until you understand this basic fact, you will never get entirely free.