Community, an External Influence on You

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Community is something we talk about a lot nowadays. When you are in a group or community, you have a sense of belonging. It's important, because who you surround yourself with will influence your mind and action. In social interaction, understanding the needs of others can also help you understand what you need for yourself. When you seek out a period of reflection of trying to balance of your life, one often tune in to other people's advice or experience. When we were young and problem occurs, we seek guidance and solution from our parent or other family relatives. In school, we seek guidance and help from counselor or professors. As you can see, we all grow up under the influence of our environment. Therefore, we want to find a community that can bring impact to our life with positive differences.

Community, an External Influence on You

Communities have evolved over the decades. Today, many communities are existing online, not only the cyber community anymore. It's very easy to find your group with the help of technology. Social media carries faster and more accurate information than we ever encountered. If you still feel alone, wanting to join a community, then you can start by getting clear in your head first. Ask yourself, what are you enthusiastic about? What is the art that you obsessed with? What is the hobby, which you used to do for hours? These questions will help you figure things out and kick start of finding a community.

Social influence is a major external impact relating to who we are and what we want. Some times the impact can be positive or negative. It's a subconscious thought that determines our decisions in life. Therefore, it's important to be involved in a community. When you pay more attention and listen to other people's needs, you gain clarity and perspective to what your decisions are. Having clarity means seeing yourself as yourself and understand yourself better, which is crucial for differentiating yourself from others.