Embracing Reality with an Open Mind

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Embracing Reality with an Open Mind

Many of us have a hard time dealing with an understanding of our own behaviors and emotions. Sometimes we even stop for a second and think about questions like who we are, and why do I do that. Let's try to visualize our feelings in relation to our behaviors.

Why do you have such intense feelings, such as anger, suicidal thoughts, over-excitement, shame, and sadness? First, we have to identify our feelings. It may seem like backwards, but this is often the result of consequences. Your childhood, learning experiences, and life events molds your beliefs or thoughts. Belief or thoughts shape how you speak or act socially. And it ends up create feelings and emotions lives inside of you. So certainly, there is a relationship between your thoughts and behaviors.

Life is a big learning experience that normally contradicts biases we grow up with. These contradictions create friction in our minds that may cause us feeling frustrated, mad, sad, happy and more. Therefore, it is important for everyone to focus on reality. Reality can be challenging to your naturally programmed perspective and predictions. That's why it's crucial to keep an open mind. Sometimes we need to learn how to accept reality or just raise the awareness that different people exist. Every should have the freedom of different thoughts, beliefs, emotions, speech and behaviors, and that's okay.

Individuals should have the rights to be who they are, think what they think, and say what they want to say. Reality also like to test if our thoughts are based on knowledge and fact or inaccurate stereotypes. That's another reason why we need to keep an open mind to reality. Everything changes all the time: law, moral, nature, people. Normally, if you want to have less stressful triggers, practice and implement a new attitude and an open mind. Accept reality is difficult, embrace difference is even harder, but if you keep an open mind to learn and to integrate the different elements into your life, you will discover that you grow ahead of your competition.