Finding and Understanding the Inner Self

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

We grow up being asked, what do you want to be when you grow up? Kids would normally say something like superhero or President of the United States. But I think the correct concern is, what do you want to do as a professional with your life. We relate our professional career with our life purpose. And a happy life come from understanding and taking care of your internal self. So our emotions are satisfied, because they get the attention and fulfill the needs. It doesn't matter what kind of job you have, if you don't understand your internal self, then you would often feel confused and empty in life. Have you taken time to get to know yourself? Have you ever asked yourself, "who am I?"

Finding and Understanding the Inner Self

First part of find your inner self. This is what your life purpose is, what you attractive to and gravitate toward to. You can find it by determining what is your talent or what do you dream? Many people earned a fortune for relying on their artistic or scientific talent. It's never too late to discover your talent or follow your dream. As long as you take action, you are getting closer to your goal. Don't be afraid to dream, because people who made their dreams are regular people just like you. Second, find what your strengthen is. This is something you are good at. You can learn fast without spending too much time and effort. It can be an athletic sport, school subject, or anything that can be continuously learned, nurtured, and developed. We build strength upon practicing, focus, accumulation of knowledge, and diligence. Remember, there is no short-cut to get greatness!

The formula to find yourself is simple: Determine what your talent or dream is + Find your strength = Your life purpose.

It's never too late to start taking notice of your inner self, because taking time to fulfill your life purpose is satisfying and healing. So let's get quiet and look inside. Find that inner self, understand stand the purpose of life that's innate and strong. Take time and action to learn, practice, nurture and discipline. Reaching the highest degree of your life purpose, you will find the support, confidence, and comfort radiating from within. So follow your bliss! The invisible hand will guide you to the celestial light of happiness.