Socializing via Social Media

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Socializing via Social Media

Human, we are social animals. Many scientific studies show that socializing with others can improve your mental wellbeing. For starters, being more social helps to increase your brain's ability to process informations and thoughts. Whether it's chit-chat with acquaintances or discussion in classroom, social interaction requires more concentration and engagement than just plain talking. In such a process, both or more parties engage at the same time, in the same space, and share/discuss the same topic. Everyone listens, remembers, analyzes, exchanges mind and informations when socializing.

In a modern day, people come from a smaller family and grow up in smaller social circle. As before, people used to get married early and go to church every Sunday. Smaller social circles helped us focus more on ourselves and less on social bonding. The erosion of the traditional community led to the breakdown of constrained social structure. Overall, we have more freedom with this modern lifestyle, but as we chase our freedom and privacy, new problems emerge. Individual with limited social contact, such as not having a friendship network, may struggle with mental health problems such as anxiety. Emotional support is crucial for the individual after suffering a stressful event, such as break-up, job loss or bereavement.

Social media has been involved and inter-graded to our society. It brings convenience and instant gratification. It also can be very helpful to find your own community, for example, LGBTQ and others. As we enjoy how technology pulls us closer to the community where we belong; at the same time, it bombards us with too much unnecessary information to our daily lives. The overuse of social media is that it constantly generates words, images, and noise that serve no purpose for dealing with life events. It is important to use these mobile apps to connect with the rest of the world; However, limit your time and usage might be better for mental health.

Everyone loves his or her smartphone and technology. Therefore, we need to reduce the adverse impact of technology and social media. First, social media can make you feel "uncool" or "not interesting enough". You and everyone want to match up to the picture perfect lives of some Instagramers and YouTubers. Social media tend to isolate you by taking up your time. If you are someone has anxiety and social stress disorder, you should certainly limit the use of social media. Because it can exacerbate your existing conditions.

Having everyone can access you at anytime already can be stressful. Switch it off and make yourself unavailable might be the peaceful, zen moment of your day. If the demand of technology on your exacerbate your issues or simply bringing you too much stress, then just switch it off for a bit. It's okay to not have an answer, and it's fine to be yourself.