Surround yourself with Mindful People

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Surround yourself with Mindful People

Have you wondered about: whom am I spending time with? How are my friends and family influenced my thoughts and behaviors? Yes, many of our thoughts and the ways we react to things are carried around with us from the past. Growing up, we certainly pick up these values and mannerisms from people around us. Parents, teacher, professors, friends, pastors, or supervisors might not be no longer associating with you, but their influence remains in your subconsciousness.

Then ask yourself, who gives you energy and makes you feel good when you hang out with? And who drains your energy? If you can slowly gather your thoughts and write it down, you might realize it's time to make some new friends. Energy - sucking or energy-disturbing people are often the toxic relationship you have in your current situation. They disrupt our daily task, asking for an unreasonable request, making you day unproductive, and most of all, overly stressful to the mind and body. Having positive and mindful people around you can contribute to our success and life goals. These people can make you feel appreciated, productive, motivated, and easy to spend time with. It will also help you form healthy habits or lifestyle.

Surround ourselves with people who are supportive, encouraging, mindful is the key to your mental health and productive life. Here is a simple technique to help you identify them. It's called, "Rule of 3".

First, write down on a piece of paper of the people you can calmly spend 3 minutes with. This shouldn't be difficult.

Second, write the people you can spend 3 hours with and able to energize you. These people are probably having some common ground with you. And you can grab a bite with them with a decent conversation.

Finally, write the people you can spend 3 days with. They would be your travel companions and people you care about.

Now, let's take a look for the people you can spend 3 minutes with and the people you can spend 3 days with. Answer the question at the beginning of the article, How are my friends and family influenced my thoughts and behaviors? Now you can identify the healthy and mindful people in your life. Don't hesitate to cut off the people who drain and disturb your energy. That's a toxic relationship you need to eliminate. Surround yourself with people that can keep you lift and positive. Seek and you shall find comfort and happiness with mindful people around you.